Optimising Value Chains for Health and Innovation

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Our areas of Expertise

Patient-oriented health care

A multidisciplinary approach to treatment and survivorship care is needed in which personalised care based on the needs of the patient is the starting point.

Innovating for Health

Innovating for health is a cross-cutting driver for HCN with relevance across all our areas of expertise.

Clinic-industry cooperation

We work with regional innovation clusters, SMEs and public authorities and services on practical projects that show how clinic-industry collaboration can be improved e.g. DanuBalt and INNOLABS.

ESIF and health care investment

European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) used in the health sector mostly financed direct health investments.

Reducing health inequalities

Reducing health disparities is important, and the upward trends for such differences call for further innovative, collaborative actions at all levels.

Stimulating local health economies

Sharing of information, experience and ideas between regions.

Capital investment

Capital investment in refurbishing or building new health care infrastructure and IT are one way of achieving these contributions so long as it is affordable and appropriate.

Health innovations

How health sector investment, policy and practice in R&D can be aligned with regional policies on technology development/application and entrepreneurship.

Inclusive employment

How the health sector can connect with hard to reach groups in order to provide sustainable job opportunities.

Local procurement

How procurement by health sector organisations can be used to support the development of local small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) within each partner region.

About HCN

Jonathan Watson PhD.

Executive Director

Co-Founder and MD of INTEGRATE think tank (Dutch registered);
Former Special Professor of Health & Public Policy, University of Nottingham.

Edit Sebestyen MPhil.

HCN Coordinator

Project Manager for BENCH-CAN and previously for EUREGIO III