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INNOLABS 1st Open Call – New cross-sectorial health solutions for personalized health

HCN Project, News Item – September 2017

Open call for SMEs based in a EU member state or H2020 associated country with Informative webinar on 22 September 2017.

INNOLABS 1st Open Call for innovative projects in personalized healthcare is open from the 15th of June until the 30th of September 2017. Up to 25 best ideas from SMEs will be selected to enroll into an Acceleration Programme where each team will obtain support worth up to 50,000€ (equity-free) per project.

The first Open Call is open to smart health solutions based on combination of ICT, BIO, Health and Medicine sectors. Proposed solutions should solve or meet the needs of ageing populations in rural and urban areas.


This first INNOLABS Open Call seeks proposals to address at least one of the following proposed challenges:

1. ICT and health – The challenge is to help ageing populations remain independent and active in their communities (especially rural and remote ones) with ICT-based assistive solutions. These solutions should be accessible to consumers (the silver economy) and institutional health care providers and promote participation of stakeholders in the care continuum. They also need to be interoperable and secure whether the solution is an mHealth or eHealth.

2. Biotech and health – As people age they become more susceptible to chronic diseases and co-morbidities (e.g. cancer and diabetes). The challenge is to use biotechnology to support an approach to care that is predictive, preventative and personalised. This encompasses diagnosis, prognosis, treatment options. In practical terms the benefits range from early detection of disease conditions, better informed and personalised clinical decisions in diagnosis and treatment and empowered patients with effective shared care plans.

3. Solutions generated by end-users need identification – We are seeing a shift from industry-driven products to ones that are more demand-driven by the end-user. This might involve the co-design of solutions as well as their testing. With this challenge, we are seeking solutions that builds on an original idea generated from (i) someone working within or (ii) a patient(s) treated by – a service along the health and social care continuum. In particular, we are interested in products and processes that are more affordable and less invasive.


Teams, led by an SME will have to address one or more of the described specific challenges, and must be composed of at least 2 legal entities from an EU or associate country. The proposed innovation project must include cross over between sectors namely ITC, BIO, Medical and target addressing listed Health challenges in the INNOLABS first open call.

For further the details of the application and evaluation process, and monitoring and financial follow up please consult the INNOLABS Open Call webpage as well as the Call Summary and Factsheet or participate in the Informative Webinar on 22 September 2017.

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INNOLABS 1st Open Call Webinar 2

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